6 Ways to Take the Coolest Travel Photos
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6 Ways to Take the Coolest Travel Photos

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Photographs make for some of the best souvenirs for travel. Sustainable, low-waste, and completely personal to you, they are an ideal way of remembering your adventures abroad. Plus, it gives you great content for your social media posts (do it for the ‘gram!). But taking beautiful photos can be a challenge, so tune in to this post to find out 6 ways to take the coolest travel photos. 

1. Light is your friend!

If you have ever talked with a photographer, you know that light is the main topic of conversation. It’s true though! Light is extremely important to take a good photo. A tip is to find the nearest light source (usually the sun), and angle your faces so you’re facing the light. It may seem amateur, but it is the best way to take your photos from “eh” to “wow!”

2. Freeze!

This may sound basic, but hold still while taking photos! It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment and snap everything in sight, but spinning and running can make your photos blurry. Make sure to pause for a second before snapping your photo, and they will turn out gorgeous every time!

3. Remember the details

Taking a picture of the architecture or mountain seems like the best subject. But sometimes, the devil is in the details. The small things like the fruit stand on the corner, the painting on the door, or the crooked and rusty street sign make the best photos. Don’t forget to notice everything in your surroundings, and find the beauty in it all. 

4. Don’t forget yourself!

Part of traveling is being in cool and exotic locations. Make sure to take photos of yourself as well to remember these places. This can be as simple as a selfie or handing off your camera to a trusted friend. Make sure your photos are personal to you (which may include you being in your own photos!). 

5. Take lots of photos!

Don’t be afraid to take multiple photos at the same location and even of the same scene. You can always delete photos, but it’s a little harder to create a time machine. So don’t miss the moment by trying to conserve memory space!

6. Don’t live behind your screen

Remember to enjoy your time traveling! Photos are great souvenirs, but they do not replace memories. Take some photos, and put the phone or camera away. Notice all the sights, scents, sounds, and culture of the beautiful location you’ve visited. After all, you’ve paid a lot of money to be there!

There you have it, friends, 6 ways to take the coolest travel photos! Now that you’ve read this, you’re ready to go out and conquer! If you want to see some of the photos from our latest study abroad trip, click here! And as always, tune in next week to read our newest blog post!

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