9 Grants for Finding Faculty Funding
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9 Grants for Finding Faculty Funding

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Here at KinoSol, we love to give a helping hand, especially to our professors and faculty members we work with. Now, we know that implementing experiential learning programs like KinoSol’s trips can be a bit spendy, so we’ve created a list of grants to help out some of our favorite people! Keep reading to see 9 grants for finding faculty funding!

1. VentureWell Grant 

“VentureWell Faculty Grants provide up to $30,000 to help fund and support faculty with innovative ideas to create new or transform existing courses and programs to help students develop novel, STEM-based inventions gain the necessary entrepreneurial skills needed to bring these ideas to market.”

EXAMPLE PROGRAMS: Courses and programs can range in focus from technology-based entrepreneurship to new materials/cleantech, to biomedical and healthcare.

2. USA Study Abroad Small Grants Competition

This program awards up to $35,000 to institutions either expanding or newly implementing their study abroad programs. It is used toward faculty-led programs (which can be your trip through KinoSol!). This application opens in December 2019.

EXAMPLE PROGRAMS: expand/add new study abroad programs. http://www.studyabroadcapacitybuilding.org/2019-grants/

3. Henry Luce Foundation

Universities can apply for grants based on eight categories. Your university will qualify for the Higher Education sector. Their focus is to: 

  • Stimulate and support scholarship, especially projects that break new ground and cross-disciplinary and geographic boundaries
  • Ensure that high-quality research informs policymaking and public discussion
  • Prepare the next generation of diverse faculty and academic leaders

EXAMPLE PROGRAMS: https://www.hluce.org/programs/higher-education/

4. Spencer Foundation

Both their Lare and Small Grants allow universities and institutions to research ways to improve education. These broad guidelines might be exactly what your university needs to implement a study abroad program for entrepreneurship and see the impact of that in students’ lives. 

EXAMPLE PROGRAMS: https://www.spencer.org/grant_types/small-research-grant

“Teaching peace in a charged landscape: The democratic potential of peace education during Colombia’s peace process”

Michelle J. Bellino and Julia Paulson
University of Michigan

5. State Farm Education Grants

It provides up to $25,000 for education institutions that implement a number of safety, community, and educational extracurricular activities. They are specifically looking for, “Service-learning programs that provide students opportunities to connect and apply learning skills from classroom to address unmet needs that exist in their community.”

6. Mazda Foundation

Mazda provides grants for institutions and companies that are improving education, environmental conservation, cross-cultural understanding, social welfare, and science research. They give first priority to companies located in Irvine, CA; Bridgewater, NJ; Chicago, IL; Sugarland, TX; and Jacksonville, FL; but they still consider other areas for funding.

7. Goggio Family Foundation

These grants range from $1,000 to $20,000 and are given to people and institutions that are furthering education. It gives special consideration to projects that give opportunities to underrepresented students or students from challenging backgrounds.

EXAMPLE PROGRAMS: http://www.goggiofoundation.org/current-grantees

8. Higher Education Challenge Grants Program

To qualify for this grant, you much address a state, national, or international need in a creative way while teaming up with the public sector and encouraging other educational institutions to do the same. The grants range from $30,000 to $750,000. They have a simple application process that is all explained on their website.

9. U.S. Department of Education

This website is a government grant database filled with more financial help your university may be eligible for. Check it out to see what grants and funding are available for your students!

Whew, there they are: 9 grants for finding faculty funding. Now, remember, this list is not extensive by any means. Talk to local companies, department heads, chancellors, presidents, and large corporations for more funding opportunities; because you never know what you will find! There are so many ways to financially support the amazing work you are doing! Now, if you would like more information about where we found these grants, how your school can travel with us, or how to get involved, contact us! So thanks for reading, and remember to tune in next week to read about study abroad scholarships for students!

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