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About Us

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Meet the Team

Mikayla Sullivan with KinoSol

Mikayla Sullivan


Mikayla’s desire to solve global issues initially came from first-hand experience of what poverty truly means, visiting rural villages in Mexico. Years of traveling and learning about other cultures has allowed Mikayla to see life from other people’s perspectives in order to create solutions that will truly be beneficial. KinoSol has allowed Mikayla to provide sustainable solutions to people in need and inspire others to think more globally.

Mikayla Jones with KinoSol

Mikayla Jones


Mikayla’s interest in solving global issues first came from her mission trip to Haiti in 2013. She joined the KinoSol team to help with photography and design, but quickly fell in love with the social changes the company is making. KinoSol has grown her global awareness and made her very passionate about the issue of food waste.



Rebecca Lyons


Rebecca’s interests in agricultural education and international development led her to KinoSol. Growing up on an Iowa dairy farm and row crop operation, paired with a grandma who traveled extensively during Rebecca’s childhood, made her excited about global food topics. KinoSol has allowed Rebecca to combine her love for helping those in need and making the world a better place through developing KinoSol’s social impact education curriculum.

Rebecca Lyons with KinoSol

Ryan Nguyen

Data Analytics

Ryan assists KinoSol with business development and has a particular knack for completing market research. A deep interest in entrepreneurship, specifically in the realm of startups drew Ryan to KinoSol. He enjoys contributing toward the company’s mission of decreasing global food waste, and as a goal-driven individual with an accounting background, Ryan and KinoSol make a great match.
Ryan Nguyen with KinoSol