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Educate – Inspire – Change

As we look to what 2020 has in store for KinoSol, we’ve set some pretty big goals for ourselves. We want to make a big dent on global problems, like food waste, and to do that we know we need to focus on three key topics: Educate, Inspire, Change. By focusing on these three areas, we know we will be successful in our mission!


Educating others about social issues, like food waste

The best way to learn is by doing, and that’s where the KinoSol trips come in. An immersive experience into social issues and entrepreneurship in Uganda.


Inspiring people to take action

When aspiring entrepreneurs travel to Uganda and see what community members have been able to accomplish with limited resources, solving BIG problems, they return home knowing they too can make a difference in a global problem.


Changing the world for the better by using business as a force for good 

Communities and organizations receive new ideas and innovations to help them continue solving global problems from the students, and students return home with an enhanced global perspective, and knowing they’ve had an impact.

To better understand how we educate, inspire, and change through our social impact partnership program, we put together this video.

If you’re a student in Iowa, check out our partnership with Iowa State University to participate in our program. Otherwise, if you want to bring this program to your school, let us know. We’re always looking to expand out our partnerships!

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