KinoSol's Impact

KinoSol's Impact

KinoSol's Impact-6 lives positively impacted by a dehydrator
KinoSol's Impact - $264 Annually Generated by a single dehydrator
KinoSol's Impact - 3,500 Lives Changed by Dehydrators
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Technology Behind the Solar Powered Dehydrators

KinoSol’s solar-powered dehydrators create a way for smallholder farmers to sustain nutritious and valuable food throughout the entire year. 

Our dehydrators utilize a natural convection system to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, grains, and insects, using only the sun. 

Each dehydrator comes with heat-sealable, reusable storage bags, allowing for dried outputs to be stored and consumed for 6 months post-dehydration. 

With our patented technology, we reduce drying times, improve sanitation in the dehydration process, and retain key vitamins and nutrients. 

Farmers and families who utilize our dehydrators preserve food that would otherwise be wasted and generate additional income by selling the dried outputs at local markets. Dehydration is also a means of diversifying diets year-round. 

Rural Community Trainings

KinoSol partners with Ugandan organizations, such as Vertical Microgarden and IDEAS Uganda, to conduct training sessions in rural communities. During these trainings farmers and entrepreneurs are introduced to KinoSol’s dehydrators, taught basic business skills, and learn about reducing post-harvest loss.
Through a collaborative approach, farmers and KinoSol team members solve agricultural problems by making simple changes to harvest, transportation, and storage techniques – all of which maximize the ability to preserve yields.
The business skills that are introduced to farmers during trainings allow them to use the dehydrators as income-generating tools. For example, farmers can launch a small business of selling dried outputs. Simply applying the business skills on their farm or in other businesses can also catalyze growth of annual family income. 

KinoSol trainings ultimately strengthen partner relationships, provide key resources to community members, and help families improve their livelihoods.

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