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Jane, the Woman Behind JAMA | A Partner Profile

The KinoSol team first met Jane when we were in Uganda in 2017. While there we had the chance to learn more about the work she does with JAMA and the handicraft market in Uganda. We thought you would love to learn more too!

Before we get into JAMA, a little about Jane. She is a leader in the community, has a heart of gold, and the drive and determination to make things happen (even if she won’t take credit for it!). We’ve loved working with her and supporting her however we can.

Here’s a bit more about JAMA and the impact they’re having in Kasese, Uganda!

What is JAMA and what do you do? 

JAMA is a non-profit women’s group. We provide support to marginalized communities across the District of Kasese.

Why did you start JAMA? 

JAMA started to support the integration and transformation of underprivileged, underserved communities. Our goal is to create a platform for empowering rural communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health and economic well-being. To do this, the women in our group produce handicraft products. Through the sale of these handicraft products, we are able to support these rural communities, and help improve the lives, specifically of women, orphans, and vulnerable children.

Handcrafted bag made by JAMA, a KinoSol partner
A handcrafted bag produced by Jane and JAMA

What types of products do you sell? 

Handmade crafts from papers ( bags, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts)
Reusable sanitary pads
Handmade craft shoes from old tires

How do the sales of your handicrafts support the community? 

Through the sale of our reusable sanitary pads, we’re able to help cover the costs for girls to be able to go school and stay in school until graduation. So far we’ve been able to send 25 girls to school! Women who can not afford to buy disposable sanitary pads at the local markets are also able to purchase this product at a more affordable rate, and it can be used for a whole year.

KinoSol partner JAMA conducting a training
A JAMA training led by Jane, one of KinoSol’s partners.

JAMA also impacts the local community because we train new women and mothers on how to recycle papers and produce bags, earrings, bracelets, belts, and necklaces. The sales of these products then help them support their families. Since we started, we’ve trained over 100 women and community members!

What has been the impact for the women who are part of JAMA and the community as a whole?

Women who join JAMA, are able to make their own handcrafts and use the sale of the products to support their families. The community is also impacted through JAMA. Community members and youth are able to source materials and sell them to JAMA, creating more jobs and employment opportunities within the community.

What was it like working with the student group and what was the impact for JAMA? 

ISU student group and JAMA, a KinoSol partner
Iowa State student group meeting and working with JAMA

When we met with the students they gave us a lot of ideas for marketing and selling our products. From our discussion with them, we are now constructing a temporary structure in Katunguru near Kazinga channel such that we can shift our craft shop to focus more on the tourist market, as advised by them. We also greatly appreciate their support through purchasing our crafts and taking them home to share with family and friends!

What are JAMA’s plans for 2020?

In 2020, JAMA is working to increase our impact and support more orphans. There are very many orphans in the areas where poaching activities take place. The orphans are children whose parents were killed in national parks due to poaching and lumbering. These children do not have a chance of going to school because they cannot even support themselves. Our goal is to train them on some of the skills of craft making (recycling papers and craft shoes) and help them generate income and employment opportunities that will lead to them being able to support themselves.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Jane and JAMA. If you’re interested in supporting JAMA through purchasing some of their handicrafts or making a donation, please reach out to Jane via Facebook. She would appreciate any and all support and would love to share more details on the work JAMA is doing!

If you want to find out more about the work KinoSol is doing in Uganda, check out our impact page. And don’t forget to tune in next week to read our newest post!

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