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KinoSol Micro-video Series

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KinoSol believes YOU can impact the world with your business! So, to help you get started, save time, and save you from making some early business mistakes, we created a Micro-Video series

Our micro-video series is based on everything we’ve learned over the past 6 years of building KinoSol, giving you valuable entrepreneurship and business insight. Schools and Universities often cover a TON of theory related to entrepreneurship, but we’re focused on practical, actionable steps to help you get your idea off the ground.

These micro-videos are designed for those who may not have the time to commit to a full course, or are struggling with a specific topic related to starting and growing your business. KinoSol’s micro-videos focus on one topic, are 10 minutes or less, saving you valuable time, and are priced to be affordable to anyone around the world.


The micro-videos cover a variety of business topics, including customer discovery, pitching your company, the business model canvas, and many others to come.

This weeks micro-videos include:

You can sign up for the micro-videos at www.kinosol.teachable.com and feel free to share them with your friends or anyone you know starting a business!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be launching more videos so feel free to send us topics you would like to learn more about or are struggling with and so we can make sure we cover them!