Student Benefits

  • Develop practical entrepreneurial skills

  • Enhance cross-cultural skills by assisting with community trainings

  • Earn class credit that can be applied towards graduation

University Benefits

  • KinoSol handles all travel and schedule logistics

  • Customizable experience and flexibility around the academic calendar

  • KinoSol assists with developing curriculum and trainings

Community Benefits

  • Trainings with the KinoSol team and students on basic business skills

  • Year-round access to seasonal foods with the use of KinoSol dehydrators

  • Increased family incomes and community well-being from access to new technology

KinoSol works closely with the college/university and faculty members to ensure that the student’s experiences in Uganda meet the learning objectives of the course.
This experience can be a stand alone study abroad experience or an addition to an existing course.

We will work with you to determine where this best fits into your programs and when the best travel times are. We are flexible on our end and can accommodate the academic calendar breaks.

Isaac speaking
Students Discussing Innovation Ideas

Student Activities in Uganda:

  • Develop practical entrepreneurship skills
  • Conduct interviews with community members & identify areas of need
  • Assist with business & agriculture community trainings○ Conduct impact assessments & learn how to measure the use and benefit of potential solutions
  •  Expand understanding of business and agriculture in a developing country
  • Learn about Microfinance & Village Savings groups
  •  Work with Women’s groups
  • Network and tour social enterprises
  • Learn about tourism industry by visiting key tourist sites (Queen Elizabeth’s national park, Hot Springs, etc.)
  • Implement technology and practices that have a life-changing impact
  • Gain a global perspective that cannot be learned in a classroom
  • Immerse yourself in local communities
  • Attend cultural events (cooking classes, handicraft workshops, local markets, etc.)
  • Class credit that can be applied toward graduation