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Student Spotlight – Lex

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Hearing about KinoSol’s trips to Africa is great, but do you know what’s even better? Hearing it straight from our students. So here is a student spotlight, the first of many, featuring Lex! She is a senior majoring in Management (with an entrepreneurship track) and a minor in Accounting.

Do you have any future career plans?

I want to open my own business, a bed and breakfast, honestly a bud and breakfast and a recreational dispensary in the South West side of Colorado! But for now, I am part of the management team at Buffalo Wild Wings so I plan to move up and continue to gain knowledge and skills.

Why did you want to come on this trip?

I haven’t been able to do much traveling because it is so expensive and I don’t have help from my family. We have struggled in life, but I know my struggles haven’t been nearly as bad as others. I wanted to come on this trip because I know Africa is a developing country, and I wanted to learn about their daily challenges. I was hoping to better understand what they go through and possibly help along the way.

What was one of your favorite memories from the trip?

One of my favorite memories was visiting the school. I really enjoyed going into the classrooms and seeing what it is like there in a school setting. The school touched me in a different way. 

What is one of the most “African” thing you saw, experienced, or heard?

I saw a truck that had goats, cows, and people all crammed in the bottom. On the top of the truck, there were goats sitting with their legs dangling down between ropes. All the animals were still alive and just chilling up there.

Are there a few lessons you learned while on this trip?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to even have a toilet, running water, a kitchen, or the basic things we have over here. My visit has made me more humble than I currently was and definitely thankful for what I have.

Any advice for future students that travel with KinoSol?

Don’t be shy. The KinoSol team is awesome, caring, and just want you to have the best time of your life. Ask as many questions as you can. Try new things!!

Any closing remarks?

I cannot thank everyone enough that has made this trip possible for me. I never imagined myself getting a chance to experience what I was able to and It was just so amazing it’s hard to put it into words.

Lex took our study abroad trip in November 2020 and she was such a joy to have along! Thanks, Lex for sharing in this student spotlight and thank you for reading! If you want to hear more about Lex’s time in-country, check out this blog post! If you want to find out more about traveling with KinoSol, contact us! And don’t forget to tune in next week to read our newest post!

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