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The Future of KinoSol

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Over the past few months, operations at KinoSol have been slower. I’ve been spending time reflecting, being disappointed by what-could-have-beens, and trying to figure out the best direction for KinoSol.

2020 had numerous trips to Uganda scheduled with our university partners, a new pilot project in Tanzania, and hundreds of new dehydrators to be implemented. In March, that all came to a crashing halt for us, and many of you.

We tried to adapt by launching a series of social entrepreneurship courses. That was met with minimal success and zero revenue.

In September, I reached a point of burnout. I was frustrated, disappointed, and ultimately my heart was just not with this new direction.

My passion for KinoSol lies in the experiences and impact we create all over the world and with our university trips. Because of COVID, and the current state of travel, those aren’t feasible. It’s unclear what the timeline looks like for bringing those experiences back. 

With this reality, the best course of action is to put KinoSol operations on pause. What does that mean?

Dehydrators: Our dehydrators are still available on our website and on Amazon and will remain there until we run out of current inventory.

Community trainings: Community trainings will be suspended until mid-2021.

University trips: We will not add any additional university partners, and will support our current partners to the best of our ability. Trips will be suspended until mid-2021.

Entrepreneurship courses: The entrepreneurship courses we developed will be available on our website.

Communication: We will still respond to inquiries and emails, but responses may be a bit delayed.

While the decision to pause KinoSol has not been easy, it is the best option. I’m hopeful that at some point in 2021, operations could re-launch. I’m incredibly thankful for the learning opportunities that have come with building a company, our team members and partners, and the tremendous support you all have shown us along the way.

With gratitude,