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The Values Behind the Business

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These past few months we’ve all been dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. It’s changed the way we do business and the way we live. For many of us, those lines have been blurred as we adjust to working from home, video conference calls, and limited human interaction. It’s times like these that really test a business’s strength and core values. 

At KinoSol, we know during times like these, our core values are especially important and drive how we continue to operate and do business.

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been committed to being People People, Humbly Human, a Give First Mentality, and having Conscious Commitments.  During the Covid-19 outbreak, these haven’t changed.

People People

We’ve prioritized the health and safety of our team members, partners, and the communities we serve. We’ve put our travel plans on pause and have redesigned our training programs to offer them in a digital content via Launch Impact. This ensures that everyone remains safe and healthy at home during this pandemic.

We work to ensure our actions and decisions have the most benefit for the greatest number of people, even if that sometimes means taking no action to avoid putting people’s health and safety at risk.

Humbly Human 

We’re humble enough to know that things have to change, including the way we work. With work and home lines blurring there’s increased interruptions and commotion. That’s life. We’re all human and recognizing that team members have other commitments makes the company better as a whole. 

While health and safety have been prioritized, we’ve continued to support our team members and community members, while building new partnerships that allow us to continue our work.

Give First

We want to give our team members everything they need in order to be productive out of the office and stay safe living their daily lives. We’re taking a flexible approach to various working procedures such as working hours and virtual meetings. This allows our team to live their daily lives without work constrictions.

Conscious Commitment 

KinoSol has a commitment to our team to do the best we can for them, as well as our community. As always, but especially now with health concerns, we must make our decisions wisely. 

We take our decisions very seriously; we keep our word. While we realize that the way we deliver our services may have to change, we want to ensure we deliver them. That’s why we took all of our training online, via We’ll be putting more of our entrepreneurship training content on that platform over the coming months. We will continue supporting our students and community members who are interested in entrepreneurship, in a safe way.  

KinoSol Dehydrator Training and Implementation
KinoSol dehydrator training

At KinoSol, these core values surround our daily actions and decisions. Values make our work valuable. And while times may change that force us to adapt the way we implement these values, these values never change. We are constantly asking ourselves, how can we be better? How can we provide better value to the people we serve? We know that by keeping our core values as an integral part of every decision we make, we will make the right decision, even during unforeseen pandemics, to bring the most value to the people we serve.