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What is Social Entrepreneurship?

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A social entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need within a community and solves that issue. While that may seem like a simple definition, there is so much more to being a social entrepreneur.

What do Social Entrepreneurs Do?

Social entrepreneurs focus on a problem, to understand how it develops and discover various solutions to the issue that would be the most beneficial for people it is affecting. Social entrepreneurs must implement their ideas in order to be one step closer to the social problem being solved. That may be done in various ways, whether it’s working to create a more sustainable environment, or providing jobs to the unemployed.

Social entrepreneurs put people above all else. They are more concerned with improving people’s lives than making a profit. Social entrepreneurs develop economical and functional solutions based on equality and justice for people. 

Social entrepreneurs have a personal connection to the problem they’re trying to fix. Whether it’s impacted them personally, a family member, friends, or something they’ve experienced or witnessed, they are personally invested. It’s this connection that continues to give them motivation and drives them to do the work they are doing.

Iowa State University students touring a water project that is helping provide clean drinking water to every community member’s home in Kasese Uganda.

Why is Social Entrepreneurship Important?

Social entrepreneurship is about using business as a force for good. There’s power when you start a business or organization, and as a social entrepreneur, you put that power to good use to tackle social problems. Problems such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, the list goes on. 

These problems range from local community issues all the way to global challenges. But what these problems all have in common is that they negatively impact the lives of people across the globe. It’s not necessarily about making someone’s life easier with a new app, but it’s about making someone’s life better by providing them with what many consider basic human rights. It’s about helping them put food on the table. Giving equal access to education. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to preserve the planet. 

While all of these are BIG problems, many times it’s a simple solution that can solve them. All it takes is a social entrepreneur. 

At KinoSol we recognize that simple solutions can tackle big problems. We set out to save the third of food that goes to waste.

KinoSol food dehydrator

To do this we have distributed solar dehydrators to smallholder farmers across the world, to help them preserve their fruit and vegetable harvest that goes to waste.

By using the dehydrators families can keep food longer and have access to this nutritious food year-round. Coupled with educational programs to teach entrepreneurship skills, we’re able to help families and communities become more self-sufficient. 

If you’re interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship, head on over to KinoSol’s latest initiative, Launch Impact. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about solving problems and creating a positive impact and put it into an online program just for you! Or if you’re interested in getting more involved in KinoSol’s work, feel free to reach out or check out our impact page.

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