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Who is KinoSol?

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Hello there! Welcome to KinoSol! You may be wondering who is KinoSol? Well, we are a Specific Benefit Corporation focused on reducing food waste. We do this through solar-powered food dehydrators and short-term study abroad experiences. Founded in 2014 by four college students, KinoSol has positively impacted the lives of over 3,500 people. Check out our story below!

The idea for KinoSol was born during the Thought for Food Challenge. While working to better understand food waste, the idea for dehydrating products to increase the shelf-life caught hold. KinoSol did not win their first competition, but went on to receive funding through the Innove Competition. From there, the company took off; designing 8 prototypes, field-testing in over 40 countries, and positively affecting 1,000’s of lives. 

KinoSol teamed up with many other companies focused on reducing food waste to implement solar-powered dehydrators within communities of small-holder farmers in developing countries. Farmers and community members had the opportunity to attend trainings where they learned about food preservation, how to best use the dehydrator, and basic business skills focused on how to sell their excess goods at local markets for additional income. 

Over the years, three of the four founders left the company for other global pursuits. This left room for a new round of employees to make their own impact on the issue of food waste. After an international launch of the KinoSol dehydrator in April 2018, and a U.S. launch in fall 2019, the company shifted gears. While part of our focus still remains on educating others about food preservation and implementing dehydrators, we now want to share the wealth of knowledge gained to this point. Cue KinoSol’s social impact partnership program – launched fall of 2019. 

Within our partnership program, KinoSol works with local colleges and universities to offer Ugandan study abroad experiences. These study abroad experiences are custom to each school, focused on social entrepreneurship or agriculture. It allows us to continue working with rural communities members on food preservation and business development, while inspiring the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Today, KinoSol is focused on spreading the word about food waste, changing lives through our food preservation technology, and traveling on study abroad experiences with local colleges and universities. If you have questions about social impact and how KinoSol is involved in it, check out our latest blog post!. Thanks for listening to our story and have a Sunny Day!

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