A Year in Review
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A Year in Review

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Dang. Can you believe an entire decade is coming to a close this week? I sure can’t! But it’s true, the 2020s are right around the corner. This year has been jam-packed for the KinoSol team; complete with the domestic dehydrator release, shifting the company, and our first study abroad trip. Join us as we talk about our year in review!

Tanzania Trip

This year started off with a trip to Tanzania with the KinoSol team, and with our first trip participants. There, the travelers hosted community trainings for the locals where they taught business skills and dehydration tips and tricks. The travelers also went on a safari and enjoyed all the things Tanzania had to offer. This trip went so well that it got KinoSol thinking about how we wanted to handle business in the future.

Domestic Dehydrator Launch

Over the summer, KinoSol prepared our dehydrator for domestic use (here in the U.S. of A). We had an engineer on staff who worked to improve the airflow to function better in cooler climates (cooler than Africa that is!). In August, we launched dehydrators in the U.S., allowing us to bring the fight to reduce food waste into our own backyard.

Planning for the Future

Throughout this whole year, our KinoSol team has been strategizing for the future of the company. Food waste and creating a positive social impact are huge issues. Problems that are so big that our team of four (now three) people could not solve alone. For this reason, KinoSol has shifted our focus. We are now working to inspire the next generation of social entrepreneurs. By sharing our experiences, lessons, and struggles; we can aid others in their journey to create positive social change. Alone we may not be enough, but together we can change the world. 

First Study Abroad Trip to Uganda

So along the lines of this new focus, we took our first study abroad trip with Iowa State students this November. Students traveled with us to Uganda, Africa. There they were immersed into the local entrepreneurship culture, meeting with locals, and brainstorming solutions for common issues. Students built relationships with business owners in the area and grew their business skills while positively impacting the entrepreneurs. 

And now it’s December, and there it is, a year in review! We are so thankful for all the lessons we have learned over the past 12 months, and we could not be where we are without your support. So thank you! Now, don’t forget to tune in next year (next week!) to hear from one of the students that traveled with us to Uganda!

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